Just a few days ago NCAA Football 14 released the first uniform pack DLC to update some teams with their current threads. I decided to pick out the Top 12 uniforms that you have to check out. They’re not necessarily the best ones, considering many of you like the more subtle traditional uniform, so if that’s you then maybe it’s best for you to look away. For you marketers and brand analysts, my list has 8 Nike and 4 Under Armour uniforms.

*Images are condensed for formatting, if you click on a particular image you get the full 1080 HD screenshot

Cal – “The Life Vest”

I can’t say I’m really in love with this combination for Cal considering it really does look like a life vest. I do love the hidden bear on the blue part of the sleeve. Nice touch.

Screen Shot 9

UNC – “The Tar of the Tar Heel”

North Carolina has an all black jersey that looks awesome when contrasted against the Carolina Blue numbers, logo and stripe. Black typically works for everyone and really excels here. Dare I suggest this for the basketball team?

Screen Shot 8

Oregon St. – “The Buddhist Beaver”

Well you can’t say that Oregon St. will blend into the crowd, unless they visit Tibet and stand with a group of buddhist monks. They’re over-obnoxiously orange and have my most hated pet peeve (number on the helmet). Not a fan but they’re unique.

Screen Shot 7

Oregon – “RoboDuck”

These jerseys aren’t new to NCAA 14 and my obsession with these jerseys are well documented so I had to give them some love. The mirror chrome helmet, the subtle grey feathers and matching pants give it that futuristic metallic look. Then they add some pop with the modern font and green/neon lettering.

Screen Shot 6

Boise St. – “Black Beauty”

As I said earlier black usually works for everyone but the king of black NCAA jerseys now belongs to the Broncos of Boise St. The horse helmet logo is awesome and the finish is matte black while most teams are going ultra shiny. Then the gradient numbers incorporating the school’s blue and orange colors brings it all together.

Screen Shot 5

West Virginia – “Silver Six Pack”

There are 6 different places where the player number is on the Mountaineers jersey. That’s kind of ridiculous, no? I do like the all grey alternate and camo under-shirt. They’re leaps and bounds better than their yellow jersey.

Screen Shot 4

South Carolina – “BattleCocks”

The new trend in college football is definitely gray and South Carolina saw West Virginia’s gray uniform and raised them all in. These are probably my favorite jerseys in the game. The grey Under Armour jersey, while helmet combination but the army combat style pants are the marquee here. These are pretty intimidating uniforms and look even better when the player is rocking #23.

Screen Shot 3

Maryland – “Harvey Dent”

The Maryland Pride jerseys are definitely the most head scratching and unique jerseys I have ever seen in my life. They remind me of Harvey Dent from the Batman comics who obviously became Two Face. There’s a yin and a yang but both sides are completely crazy but do achieve their purpose and reflect the flag of Maryland.

Screen Shot 2

Hawaii – “Patriot Games”

Holy Honolulu, the 50th state let the whole NCAA world know what country they belong to. Very similar in design to Maryland with the stars on one sleeve and the stripes on the other. Even the ‘H’ on the logo is decked out in Red, White and Blue. The game calls this uniform the ‘Wounded Warrior’ jersey which they wore during Military Appreciation Night and later auctioned for charity.

Screen Shot

UCONN – “Slum Dog”

Unfortunately this dog isn’t a millionaire in fact the uniforms are quite dull in typical Connecticut fashion but have you ever seen a helmet like that before? The Husky head and eyes staring straight ahead. All that’s missing are some pointy ears on the helmet, and yes ladies it also comes in white.

Screen Shot 1

Arkansas – “Gray-zorbacks”

Yet another gray alternate jersey making the rounds and Arkansas stepped out of their maroon and white history to join the fad. It appears to be a darker gray than most and also with gradient numbers bringing the jersey to life. The white helmet for me makes it all pop. Hog Heaven, Oink Oink.

Screen Shot 11

Texas Tech – “The Lone Star Raiders”

The Maryland Terps did their pride uniform and succeeded, Texas Tech attempted their pride jersey and in my opinion they failed. The Red Raiders went all out red except for the helmet and threw some red, white and blue Texas Lone Stars not only on the jersey sleeves but the side of the helmet. But to let everyone know they are still Texas Tech kept their logo on the other side.

Screen Shot