The next stop on the jersey tour brings us to France and Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Who ever said that pink, purple and periwinkle blue are girls colors? I love what Bordeaux did with their paint splatter uniforms, big ups on the creativity. EvianThonon for the third straight year continues their water bottle uniforms but added some sweet graphic designs in the background. As for the rest how can I not have a team with a castle ship on the front of their jersey?

Here are the Top 5 kits in FIFA for the French leagues.

  1. Bordeaux Away – Puma
    Screen Shot 8
  2. Evian Thonon FC Away – Kappa
    Screen Shot 10
  3. Stade Brest Away – Nike
    Screen Shot 14
  4. FC Istres Home
    Screen Shot 12
  5. AS Nancy Away – Nike
    Screen Shot 11