The fourth stop on the FIFA 14 jersey tour takes us back across Europe to Italy and the best of the Serie A and Serie B. The Italians are known for their fashion, some consider Milan the center of design. Unfortunately neither AC Milan or Inter Milan make the cut as both of their uniforms are quiet dull. But have no fear the other teams picked up their slack.

Napoli is rocking some army fatigues similar to Tim Howard’s old Everton goalkeeper kit. Palermo is bringing sexy back with their traditional pink uniform but with an added flair of zebra like stripes. Chievo Verona chose a light grey uniform with a giant stamp logo on the front and an iphone reminder checkbox on the sleeve. You silly Italians.

Here are the Top 5 kits in FIFA for the Italian leagues.

  1. Napoli Away – Macron
    Screen Shot 13
  2. AS Roma Home – Kappa
    Screen Shot 15
  3. Palermo Home – Puma
    Screen Shot 18
  4. Sampdoria Alternate – Kappa Screen Shot 17
  5. Chievo Verona Away – GivovaScreen Shot 16