Even when EA Sports does something right they manage to fuck things up. I’ve realized that a long time ago so now I’m not really surprised or disappointed at their incompetence. This week we received two more uniform downloadable content packages for NCAA Football 14 and while the wardrobe is sick it’s not without error which we’ll get to.

The highlights are shown below but the other items that are new but not listed are: Georgia Tech’s hideous new uniform, San Diego State multiple color-ways , Wisconsin’s red helmet, Arkansas State multiple color-ways and the Notre Dame 2013 Shamrock Series uniform and helmet.

So speaking of Notre Dame now is the time to talk about EA’s incompetence. There is a glitch going around, I have it as well, that if you select the ’13 Shamrock Series Notre Dame jersey your game freezes. It happened to me 4 times already and there has yet to be a patch. Also with these two updates the media release said there were specific new updates for a UNC Blue Helmet/Black NC and a SDSU Black Helmet that don’t appear to be in the game. So either the media release is wrong or the update didn’t transfer over to the game. Either way it’s not worth getting frustrated over it will be fixed in time just another annoyance that is EA Sports.

Nebraska – Unrivaled (FINALLY!)

Screen Shot

UCLA – LA Midnight

Screen Shot 1

Virginia Tech – Camo 

Screen Shot 3

Maryland – Red Pride 2.0 

Screen Shot 2

Fresno State – 2013 Helmet and Uniforms 

Screen Shot 4