FIFA 14 just launched their World Cup mode & World Cup Ultimate Team mode after a slight delay which should be no shock to anyone that follows EA Sports. The World Cup is just 12 days away and next gen gamers can get properly prepared by throwing away their money on WCUT packs to build their desired squad. The chemistry will be built upon Nationality and Confederation (i.e. Europe, South America, CONCAF, Africa, Asia). So for those of you USA supporters you can mix in some Mexicans to make your team somewhat respectable. It’ll be nice to pair similar nations like Brazil & Argentina or France & England into one squad where as in FIFA 14 they are treated as rival enemies which in soccer they actually are.

Below is the team I was dealt, I also downloaded a few additional packs for 5,000 FUT coin each. I’m going with a pair of Belgium strikers up top (Benteke and Lukaku), some Spaniards down the middle (Busquets, Isco and Pique), Rahim Sterling flanking the right wing with his speed and the rest of the team are a bunch of fill ins. Yes I have Clint Dempsey on the bench and most likely will be dropped soon.

My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 1.38 PM

In each pack you’ll get five or six players, a few consumables and a free gold pack towards your regular FUT mode. Those free FUT packs won’t get you anything good but the drop value will be around 1,200 coin which you can put towards a new WCUT pack. At the beginning when you enter WCUT they’ll ask what nation you’d like to support and once you pick a nation you will automatically have their home and away jersey. So I suggest you look at the next section in my article to do your homework before deciding. Don’t worry you aren’t stuck with those jerseys you can get them in packs but unfortunately there are no auction blocks in this mode so you’ll be hit or miss on finding the one you want. Yes you heard that right there are no auctions/transfer markets and you can only have one squad. That part blows.

You have the ability to play Ultimate Team but also regular kick-off mode to play exhibition games to get accustomed with this year’s squads. The first thing I’m going to do is simulate USA versus their group to see how badly they are beaten by each opponent. Thankfully EA Sports included the most up-to-date uniforms as well which to me is more important than the mode itself. Everything else is pretty much the same old FIFA 14 with this World Cup twist.

Below are my Top 10 Jerseys in the World Cup mode. Honorable mention was Iran and England but they didn’t make the cut.


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.00 PM 1 My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.14 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.06 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.09 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.03 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.04 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.12 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.10 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.11 PM


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.06 PM 1


My Video Screen Shot 5:31:14, 12.08 PM