I couldn’t miss a game this big so instead of taping it and watching it after work I took the entire day off. It’s not very often you get a rematch of the last World Cup Final in the first game of the group stage. I’ve always been a Netherlands supporter going back to the days of Ruud Van Nistelrooy so my heart was with the Dutch but I have complete respect for the style and accomplishments of the Spanish. The Spaniards are ranked #2 in the FIFA world rankings and somehow the Netherlands are only #15 they are two spots behind the United States which is laughable.

I kept a running diary of the game and here are my notes:

(Since FIFA14 doesn’t have the white Spain kit, I used the red ones instead)

0′ – Immediately I’m let down that Netherlands are not wearing Orange, and Spain is wearing all white. Spain’s two jerseys being sold online and used on FIFA14 were all red and the black with neon yellow. So these whites come out of nowhere. Visually this don’t feel right. Especially when one team is known as Oranje and the other as La Roja.

1′ – Netherlands going 5-3-2 and Spain 4-5-1; neither is optimal for attacking offense

1′ – Looking forward to watching Diego Costa, Chelsea’s new multi-million dollar striker

1′ – You have to respect Pique’s gangster by wearing long sleeves no matter what the weather or occasion

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.24 PM

3′ – Diego Costa (Brazilian born, played for them last year, now a Spanish citizen) getting boo’ed by Brazilian fans

3′ – I don’t blame them. I’d feel betrayed as well, I feel the same way about that prick Guiseppe Rossi

5′ – Arjen Robben looks like he’s 39, he’s actually 30

8′ – What a through ball pass from Robben to Sneijder, had a golden opportunity but a good save by Casillas

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.28 PM

8′ – Sneijder should’ve finished that, in FIFA I would’ve blasted it through the goalie

10′ – Iniesta with the rare outside the box shot. High over the bar but good pace and decent curve

11′ – Spain’s bench is better than most nation’s starters: Torres, Mata, Villa, Fabregas, Cazorla, Pedro

11′ – I’m reading that it was a FIFA call to make Spain wear Red ‘cuz they didn’t want two dark colors on the field

12′ – Even though Red and Navy are nothing alike. Maybe the ref is color blind? Fucking FIFA now it all makes sense

15′ – Meanwhile back to the game, Nigel De Jong nearly killed a man. Again…

17′ – Signs around the stadium read: Say No to Racism but nothing about Say No to Corruption

18′ – Has Robin Van Persie even had a touch this game?

26′ – WOW Penalty Kick coming….Diego Costa taken down by De Vrij on a brilliant pass by Xavi

26′ – His leg was taken out on the inside cut definite foul in my opinion

27’ – Xabi Alonso goal. 1-0 Spain; I guess that’s revenge from taking a pump kick to the chest in 2010

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.19 PM

30′ – Jordi Alba is fucking fast, by the way. Just tracked back on De Guzman and made him look like Puyol running

32′ – For the life of me I’ll never understand why Sneijder chose to go to Galatasaray in Turkey

33′ – Runner up in Group B will most likely play Brazil next. You don’t wanna be that team

38′ – The sum of Spain attacking midfield: Xavi + Iniesta + David Silva is 17.2 feet tall and 200 kilograms (440 lb.)

43′ – Silva getting real cheeky off pass from Iniesta, went for the chip but saved by the ‘keeper

43′ – I’m less so impressed with the volume of Spain’s passing but more so the quality

44’ – Netherlands counter out of nowhere. Robin Van Persie scores the equalizer. RVP = MVP

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.04 PM

44′ – Van Persie a diving header off a long long pass. Amazing. That was beautiful!

45′ – RVP with goal of the tournament thus far, I know it’s only Game #3 and Goal #7 but who cares

Halftime 1-1

HT – It’s amazing that the only two assholes on the ESPN FC analyst panel are Americans

HT – Get rid of Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman please

HT – Starting to rain, not baby USA rain, but Amazon Brazilian rain

49′ – Public Service Announcement: Remember kids no through balls in the rain

53′ – GOAL Robben with the amazing bit of touch to control the ball, cuts back and on his left foot find the goal

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.07 PM 1

53′ – Pique where you at? You just got shook like Shakira’s hips

53′ – 1st time Spain allowed 2 goals in a major tourney game since 2006 vs. France

55′ – Robben and RVP now only Dutch players to score at 3 different World Cups

55′ – Umm did Diego Costa just throw a head butt? No card, nothing. Interesting…

58′ – Robben showing off his speed. Probably the fastest player on the field and fastest with the ball for sure

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.06 PM

60′ – Van Persie dents the crossbar with the right footed half volley, Spain lucky that didn’t go in

62′ – First subs of the game…Dutch sending on Wijnaldum for De Guzman who played like absolute crap

62′ – Spain going on the offensive with Pedro & Torres for Diego Costa & Xabi Alonso

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.20 PM

63′ – Don’t call his name, Don’t call his name….FERNANDO

65′ – GOAL! Off the set piece. De Vrij scores with a disjointed header and he makes up for his earlier foul

65′ – RVP and Casillas collide mid air but Van Persie had the right to go for the ball, that is Iker’s bad

66′ – Iker given a yellow card for complaining. Not a good decision by him in the air, not decisive

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.25 PM

66′ – Tempers are starting to get hot. RVP shown a yellow card for taking down Pedro

66′ – So now the announcers are questioning whether Spain is done? That they’re too old?

66′ – Why can’t Holland just be the better team?

67′ – Spain scores but offsides on David Silva. Header from Pedro is saved, Silva taps in but he was full “Chich”

68′ – Oh dear god the Wave, I’ll be bracing for the apocalypse

72′ – GOAL RVP strikes again. Spain is getting absolutely rolled. Another Casillas blunder…

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.02 PM

72′ – Van Persie steals the ball and taps it into an open net; 4-1 Nederlands

74′ – Spain has allowed four goals in a World Cup game for the second time ever, first since 1950 (6-1 loss to Brazil)

77′ – No but seriously the USA can compete right? Bahahahaha

77′ – Final sub for Spain, Cesc Fabregas on, David Silva off

79′ – RVP being subbed off with a Yellow for Lens

80′ – GOAL Another one! Robben’s brilliance with his speed chases down a ball. Casillas caught in no mans land

My Video Screen Shot 6:13:14, 9.00 PM

80′ – Robben jukes him, cuts back inside and uncontested hits the open net. 5-1. This is unreal

82′ – This would be a time where in hockey you’d pull the goalie and bring in the back-up

86′ – I think these white Spain uniforms will be burned and never worn again

86′ – And all of this started with a Robin van Persie flying header with 45th minute magic…

87′ – The assault is on. Netherlands ripping shots at Iker these chances are getting too easy

90′ – The referees must be sadists as they add 4′ of stoppage time, I guess to see if Robben can get his hat trick

92′ – And Fernando Torres can’t even get a shot off on an open net. That just about sums it up and we’ve seen it all

93′ – It’s gotta be because they don’t have Puyol right?

Fulltime, Netherlands 5, Spain 1

FT – Amster-DAMN they whipped Spain in the rain and gave them the pain