The World Cup Final is here a month after Brazil kicked off against Croatia. The host nation fizzled out in their final two performances so we’re privileged to see the world’s best team, Germany versus quite possibly the world’s best player, Lionel Messi. Each side has enjoyed their share of World Cup glory. The Germans are 3x champions while Argentina have won the trophy twice. History is against Germany as no European side has ever won the World Cup in South America. That is then, this is now. Germany destroyed football giants Brazil & Portugal and soundly defeated France and the Americans. Argentina had the opposite journey to the Finals, it took late game heroics from Messi and a penalty shootout against the Dutch to reach the promise land.

Since my heritage is unknown (we don’t know my father’s side, mother’s side is most likely English possibly French) I’m rooting for Germany because of my wife’s ancestry. Here’s my running diary of today’s World Cup Finale.

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0′ – Germany in their winning whites, Argentina in their deep rich blue jerseys

0′ – Late scratch for Germany; No Khedira in the midfield replaced by Kramer

0′ – Argentina will be without Angel Di Maria as well

0′ – Sergio Aguero starts on the bench yet again

0 ‘ – GER: Neuer, Howedes, Hummels, Boateng, Lahm, Ozil, Schweinsteiger, Kramer, Kroos, Mueller, Klose

0′ – ARG: Romero, Zabaleta, Garay, Demichelis, Rojo, Biglia, Perez, Messi, Mascherano, Lavezzi, Higuain

2’ – Early foul on Mueller at the top of the box, 25 yards away with a great free kick position

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3′ – Six germans over the ball and Kroos smacks it right into the wall

3′ – Higuain shot on goal, rolls just wide going from right to left

4′ – All Adidas final, all Nike consolation match

5′ – Messi first touch, shakes two defenders. His ball control is unreal

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9′ – Argentina creating changes on the right side but their crosses into the box are finding no one

10′ – Messi is creating issues against slower bigger German defenders

12′ – Literal translation for Schweinsteiger is pig herder

13′ – Javier Mascherano seems like a guy you’d hate to play against but would love on your team

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16′ – Kramer might’ve just been knocked out, he got his bell rung on a run and he’s down

18′ – Pretty good squad when you barely play Sergio Aguero and tell Carlos Tevez to stay at home

19′ – Ditto for Germany when Lukas Podolski is MOTB aka Man of the Bench

2o’ – Terrible mistake by Kroos, heads the ball back to own net right to Higuain…

20′ – Higuain with no one in front of him shanks it off his leg wide of goal

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22′ – Both teams are passing the ball like crap, tons of turnovers, no flow to the game right now

26′ – You’re advertising MLS during the World Cup? Please stop

27′ – Lahm with a dangerous cross in, misses Mueller but still on goal and Romero one handed save

28′ – First booking of the game, Schweinsteiger yellow card for bringing down Lavezzi on the run

29′ – WOW. Lavezzi with incredible cross into the box Higuain finishes and redeems himself BUUUUUT offsides…

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29 ‘ – Everyone in the stadium knew he was offsides except him

30′ –  Kramer subbed out, close up looks like he was knocked out by Mike Tyson

30′ – Andre Schurrle in for Kramer, probably better that way for Germany anyways

30’ – Concussions again taking center stage, scary moment, why was he allowed to go back on the field?

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33′ – Second yellow card, this time on Howedes….could’ve easily been a red, high challenge to the groin

34′ – Man Higuain sucks, Sergio Aguero where you at?

35′ – Argentina is running, running, running and quite effective

36′ – Shot on goal from Schurrle, save Argentina; nice one timer but not enough movement

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37′ – Lot of yellow shirts in the stands, cute the Brazilians are still supporting their 4th place team

37′ – Brazil was outscored 10-1 their final two games. Ouch

38′ – I like the touch on the Argentina uniforms using gold letters and numbers…foreshadowing?

39′ – Argentina another opportunity, Messi almost poked it in but Neuer and Boateng there to clear it out

40′ – Does the manager of Argentina really have to wear his field credentials around his neck?

41′ – Soccer players accusing other soccer players of flopping…pot calling kettle black

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42′ – Kroos shot saved by Romero, weak attempt right towards center of the net

45′ – Germany offsides on the corner kick, header off the post but doesn’t matter. Closest they’ve been all half

HT – Germany 0, Argentina 0

HT – You think either coach gave the famous Bud Kilmer speech, the next 45 mins for the next 45 years of your life?

HT – Sergio Aguero coming on for Lavezzi, would’ve kept Lavezzi and dumped Higuan’s terrible ass

HT – Go you chicken fat go!

HT – Players getting ready for second half, no changes for Germany

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46′ – Higuain offsides again…case in point

46′ – Messi with a chance on the left side going across goal wide. He usually does and should finish that

46′ – Ian darke said Boateng has slightly more pace then Mertesacker that’s why he’s playing..

46′ – According to FIFA14, Boateng is a 75 pace and Mertesacker 34 pace. I’d say that’s more than “slight”

47′ – Another corner for Germany, seems like the 40th of the game

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51′ – Argentina seems like they’re dominating possession but somehow it’s Germany 67/33

53′ – Gonazlo Higuain is a zoo, a complete wreck out there. He just got blasted by Neuer on a clearance

53′ – Adding insult to injury, Higuain called for a foul after getting smashed

58′ – Klose header off a Lahm cross but an easy save. First germany chance in a while

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59′ – Klose your all time goal scorer at World Cup with 16 probably in his last ever WC game at age 36

63′ – Mascherano with a yellow card thats pretty much standard

63′ – Another yellow card for Argentina, this time Aguero on a cynical challenge

66′ – Ref is calling every little thing now this is starting to get annoying

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69′ – Lahm just turned Biglia around three times so Biglia just fouled the shit out of him

73′ – Messi doesn’t have a position he goes wherever the hell he wants

73′ – Can FIFA create a Messi card with every midfielder and forward position on it?

76′ – Looks like the rat tail is coming in. Palacio has pace and a nose for goal – bye bye Higuain

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77′ – Neuer just did a superman tumble throw. Awesome

78′ – Some of the worst corner kicks ever taken this game

79′ – Wow Mueller shoved down on a cross but no foul called

81′ – Ozil layoff pass for Kroos wide open at top of the box and just pushes it wide right. A very bad miss

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83′ – Looks like Germany is getting closer but not necessarily Klose

85′ – Starting to get late early…drama building

86′ – Argentina sub Gago on for Perez; they have no more subs

86′ – Germany preparing to bring on Gotze, off goes Klose

87′ – Jerome Boateng has been all over Messi and the strikers all game. Amazing defending

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88′ – Standing ovation for Klose, most likely his final World Cup moment. Incredible career

90′ – Injury time announced at 3 minutes

90 +1′ – Gotze just tried hero shot and was a little dribbler to the goalie

FT – Germany 0, Argentina 0

91′ – Schurrle with a rocket off Romero, flurry of saves and Argentina dodge a bullet

92′ – Messi a chance again, not a great effort wide right. Neuer was all over that one

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96′ – Ball in from the wing and Hummels misses and the ball falls to Palacio in the box..

96′ – The rat tail misses a great chance, he tries to chip Neuer and the ball goes wide

98′ – Outside of money why would anyone date a guy with a rat tail?

103′ – Argentina is just in a defensive shell around their penalty area; you shall not pass

105′ – Germany 0, Argentina 0

106′ – Golden goal would be the shit right now…

106′ – Germany still has one more sub to use if they so choose to go that route

108′ – Enjoy this last 15 mins of soccer because after this it’s only terrible MLS soccer until August

109′ – Schweinsteiger cut open bleeding from just below the eye

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109′ – Dubious non yellow card on Aguero would’ve been a sending off and probably should have

111′ – German bench going off on the referee right now

112′ – GOETZE!!!! Super Mario! GOAL. Germany take the lead

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112′ – Cross from Schurrle, he chests it down, left footed sliding goal across goal

112′ – What a World Cup moment, tops Iniesta from 2010

114′ – Now Germany needs to defend, and keep the ball away from Messi

115′ – Think about where this game could be if Higuain wasn’t a chicken fat

116′ – Neuer is a machine, an absolute cyborg

116′ – Just announced Goetze is first sub to ever score in World Cup final history

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116′ – Also the 2nd latest goal ever scored in World Cup final history

117 – This is the first time all tournament that Argentina have trailed

118′ – All out attack from Argentina now, kitchen sink coming next…

119′ – Mueller doing his best 1 on 5 impression, gets a shot but toe pokes it to the opposite corner flag

119′ – Per mertesacker coming on for extra defense and off goes Ozil. Final German sub

120′ – Only 2 minutes of added time remaining

120′ – Foul outside the box, most likely the final chance, free kick for Messi

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122′ – If the Pope is anywhere he needs to be on Messi’s left foot right now

122′ – Looks like Messi is going to go for goal and not for the cross

122′ – If he somehow makes this it will be the greatest shot in soccer history. Yep I said it

122′ – Messi skys it over the net, thats going to do it.

122′ – Go crazy Germany, it’s your time

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FT – Germany 1, Argentina 0

FT – Germany becomes 1st European team ever to win World Cup when hosted in South America

FT – It’s Germany’s first World Cup since 1990 and the 3rd country to have 4 World Cup titles

FT – Who’s your daddy? Germany has eliminated Argentina from the past 3 World Cups…

FT – Messi awarded the Golden Ball aka MVP “Best Player” of the Tournament

FT – The last 5 Golden Ball winners have not won the World Cup

FT – Manuel Neuer awarded the Golden Glove aka “Best Keeper” of the Tournament

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FT – Paul Pogba awarded the Best Young Player of the Tournament (born after 1/1/93)

FT – Golden Boot goes to Colombia’s James Rodriguez with 6 goals.

FT – Sami Khedira becomes the 10th person to win World Cup and Champions League in same year

FT – There were 171 goals scored this World Cup tying the 1998 tournament for most all time

FT – 22 goals were scored in the 90th minute or later this World Cup which is 9 more than any other tourney

FT – Only 3 teams finished without an official loss (Germany, Netherlands, Costa Rica)