I think I can say with a straight face that I saw the worst weekend of penalty kicks in my entire life.  These kicks would make Roberto Baggio look like a sniper.   Of the 25 PKs I saw this weekend only 15 went in, that’s 60%….

I’m sure most of the world was watching the Women’s World Cup just as I was yesterday.  The game was terrific and let’s state the obvious Team USA blew it, twice.  So the game goes into PKs at a 2-2 score.

The United States missed their first 3 kicks finishing 1 out of 4.  Japan started off make and then miss, to finish 3 out of 4.

So, 25% success rate for USA and Japan 75%.

Now let’s jump over to South America for the Men’s Copa America games.

On Saturday night Argentina battled Uruguay to a 1-1 score that yes lead to a penalty kick finale.  Both teams were actually very good.  Uruguay made all their kicks finishing 100% and Argentina made theirs except for Carlos Tevez in the 3rd round.  Tevez getting blocked was the back-breaker.  It wasn’t a good kick, it had some pace but too close to the middle and the goalie blocked it.  The host Argentina goes home.

Screen Shot 27

While statistically the PKs were taken fine, the kicks were visually bad.  Tevez missed, Higuain actually rocketed one off the cross-bar that bounced down and back up off the cross-bar again and over the line.  That was FIFA 11’esque.  Really Argentina looked nervous and their kicks weren’t firm and Uruguay did what they had to do and nailed all five.

Finally the 3rd game of the weekend that ended up in PKs was Brazil and Paraguay.  To say Brazil made a mockery of PKs is an understatement.  They didn’t make one.  Not fucking one.  They missed their first 4 kicks.  Paraguay wasn’t great either…they missed one themselves on the 1st kick and finished 2 out of 3.

How do you go 0-4?  Two of which were sky’d over the crossbar and weren’t even put on goal.  It was embarrassing.  I’m a Brazil fan, always have been, and I was legitimately embarrassed for wearing my jersey around before the game on Sunday.

I have to question the kickers in this as well.  Robinho, Neymar and Pato didn’t even shoot.  How can they be strikers on your team and not be in the Top 5 PK takers?

*Sidenote: Julio Cesar is the most over-rated goalie in FIFA.  He’s actually really bad.  He chokes for Brazil and chokes for Inter Milan.  I refuse to buy his FUT card in FIFA 12.

Elano flew his, Thiago Silva blocked, Andre Santos flew his too and then Fred missed the goal as well.


Brazil 0%

USA 25%

Paraguay 66%

Japan 75%

Argentina 80%

Uruguay 100%