March isn’t just about NCAA basketball madness, it’s also the month where the NBA pays homage to the ‘Latin’ side of the Association’s history and fan base. The Noche Latina (Latin Nights) games have been on the NBA (Ene-Be-A) schedule for 9 years now dating back to 2007. Teams will wear their customary alternate jerseys that add “El” or “Los” in front of the team name as if that is supposed to be proper Spanish. So instead of Heat or Bulls the Noche Latina jerseys will read El Heat and Los Bulls. It’s a lovely slap in the face of the Spanish language because if you’re going to go all out then you might as well translate the team name as well. The proper jerseys would read El Calor and Los Toros. The NBA has instead opted for the ‘Spanglish’ version keeping the English proper name and Spanish definite article of the phrase. The NBA claims that research has shown that the bilingual Latin population refers to each team as such thus keeping it accurate for it’s fans.

The NBA calendar will feature 14 Noche Latina games spanning from March 1st to April 3rd. While there will only be 8 teams with specific jerseys all 30 teams will have special Noches Ene-Be-A shooting shirts. Based on the newest update from NBA Live 15 two teams that were previously featured in NBA2K14 with Latin Nights jerseys have apparently dropped off. The Dallas Mavericks ‘Los Mavs” and Orlando Magic “El Magic” no longer have Noche Latina jerseys in either Live 15 or 2K15. NBA2K15 still features last year’s jerseys which are not representative of the style (sleeved vs. non) and colors of which teams are wearing this season.


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