If France is the center of sophisticated culture and high society then Italy is the epicenter for fashion. The Italians are thee source for brand labels and fashion innovation. Brands like: Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Roberto Cavali, Fendi and Zegna. Quite the murder’s row of fashion companies all originating in Italy. With that said it’s a bit surprising that there is a limited correlation when it comes to soccer kits in the Serie A and Serie B.

Most of the jerseys in Itay’s two top tier leagues are dull, lifeless and uninspiring. The majority of the tops are monochromatic with limited creativity and conservative design. Quite the opposite of the fashion companies above who push the envelope from fashion to down right bizarre. The sleeper jersey below which I won’t talk about too much because the picture does all the talking is the Lazio away jersey with the eagle across the chest. In my opinion Lazio should build on this design and make it a staple in their yearly releases. It’s one of the best jerseys in all of FIFA 16.

One team that has continued to lead Italian football in fashion is Juventus. Year in and year out we know what their home uniforms will be, a black and white vertical striped zebra jersey. Every year I feel like they make improvements and the jersey looks better and better. It’s one of those all-time uniforms that will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame next to the classics of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea. Where Juventus really gets bold is in their away and alternate sets.

Their away kit this year is a light pink top with black, white and neon pink accents. It really is a stunning jersey both on the game but also in real life. Now keep in mind you need to be an in-shape athlete to pull this off and not an overweight fan. Juventus tried pink before and they failed miserably with their bright pink, black giant star design shown above. This was an epic failure in trying to differentiate yourself. The third kit below fits in with the Adidas “Spark the Night” launch and features a full black jersey top with gold lettering, gold logos and gold stripes. The shorts have a fading effect that blend black, grey and white shapes into a solid white finish.

For the second straight year AC Milan is rocking a green alternate jersey but this time for different reasons. Last year AC Milan’s jersey was inspired by Brazil and the plethora of Brazilians who’ve successfully contributed to their team. This year the inspiration is drawn from the Universal Exposition (EXPO) that is being held in Milan, Itay. This Expo is part of the World’s Fair and the theme is ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. The green aspect of the environment thus the green jersey top. The intriguing piece of the set are the shorts which resemble a pair of surfer’s board shorts. They have a green base and feature multi-colored stripes before reaching a yellow solid bottom. At first glance my initial thought is Huntington Beach, California and not Milan. These are technically part of the “Spark the Night” campaign but don’t have the same bold, dramatic impact as the other five teams.


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