Paris is not only the capital of France and the mecca for sophisticated culture and high society it’s also the center of the French Ligue 1 universe. Right now there is Paris St. Germain and everybody else. PSG are among the world’s wealthiest and most notable clubs and their dominance of France over the last few years stands alone. The Parisians success on the field is well documented and off the field they’re becoming a household brand. With players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Angel Di Maria and Thiago Silva kids are beginning to flock to this trendy team. PSG has a youthful and fresh feel unlike some of the more mature and stale teams like Liverpool or Arsenal. This feeling of youth is more than just the trophies on their shelf, it’s their brand, their logo and their jerseys.

There is something to be said for bold consistency, it works. Go look at Banana Republic or Gap. Very modern and stylish clothes but noting extravagant. No eye blind patterns or obnoxious colors. You get the same high quality look season after season with a bit of a twist. PSG’s home kit has always been navy with some type of red central stripe with white outline. The design of the stripe changes but the overall appearance doesn’t. It’s classic PSG just as the zebra stripes will always be Juventus’ trademark.

The third alternate jersey is where PSG can dabble in creativity. Last year it was a red polo shirt, the year before that a red crew shirt with red horizontal block stripes, this year they went with a bold black jersey. The jersey is called the “Dark Light” due to Paris’ nickname as the City of Light. It encompasses a distinctive pattern accentuating the chest that almost resembles a chest plate of armor. Honestly it looks like a Batman kit and the name Dark Light could easily be changed to Dark Knight. The flair comes from the lettering on the back, it’s not silver like the front but bright pink.

One team that always flies under the radar when it comes to great kits on FIFA is Bordeaux. Each year they bring out something new that makes my best in class list. This year’s masterpiece is what I’m calling the “Pink Wave”. The jersey has a navy base but is highlighted by a pink water design that flows across the chest in their traditional v-pattern. The design continues on the body and forms a wave with a large crest that you could surf on it. The pink accents throughout the jersey really make everything pop and it’s my first choice for my FUT away jersey. A few years back Bordeaux had an alternate white jersey with a pink and navy paint splatter design and while that was brilliant this new kit is on the next level of great.

The past two seasons we’ve been able to rely on SC Bastia to come up with a third kit that makes us do a double take. Last season they introduced a green fatigue kit that was a favorite with Ultimate Team gamers. Nothing says Ultimate Team like a green camouflage jersey to wear into an online battle. They were very similar to the fatigues jersey worn by Napoli in 2014. This year Bastia went a completely different direction launching a solid grey jersey with blue and white club accents and an elaborate imprint at the bottom. The design has a picture of a trophy (closely resembling the Champions League Trophy) with a royal crown on its’ top and angels with wings on both sides. The Trophy boasts the face of a Moor which is also on the club’s crest. Bastia is a small club located on the island of Corsica chilling in the Mediterranean yet property of France. The club has debuted players like Alex Song (’04) and Michael Essien (’00). The club is celebrating their 110th anniversary this year.


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DIJON FCO – Ligue 2

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FC SOCHAUX – Ligue 2

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RC LENS – Ligue 2

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