There is not a whole lot going on this year in the Bundesliga fashion scene except for a water design and an appearance from the Devil himself, Satan. If you think I’m lying I am not. The devil’s head appears on a black jersey from FC Kaiserslautern in the Bundesliga 2 division. The club’s nickname are the “Red Devils” so that is the reason for Satan’s face on their jersey. The devil’s head is very slight as both the jersey and design are black but in the right light the logo appears out of thin air kind of like the devil can. I had to say I was a bit confused when first running across these jerseys but after doing the research it made perfect sense. Expect these jerseys to be expense and worn frequently in Pro Clubs and FUT just because the nature of having the devil on it. Also their club name is FC Kaiserslautern so their logo reads FCK which…yeah…

One of the new designs for soccer jerseys is the incorporation of a water print that makes an appearance both in Germany and Austria (Sturm Graz). The German side FSV Mainz 05 are wearing the water kits made by Lotto. It’s truly a different, out of the box design. The jerseys aren’t spectacular with their aesthetics but I give them an A+ for effort and creativity. Comparatively speaking I like the Austrian version more than the German one. Mainz’s jersey has the print encompass the entire front panel of the body which is a bit too much. I like Sturm Graz’s version because it looks like a puddle below the main advertisement in the middle. It has a more dramatic effect than layering the print over the entire body.

The big boys in the Bundesliga aren’t doing anything too crazy this year. Bayern Munich, BVB Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen are all wearing traditional colors and traditional designs. They look good but nothing eye popping and trend setting. The one team that does stand out a bit are VF Wolfsburg partly because their colors are blue and green (while most of Germany is red/white/black) but they tend to add some flair into their strips. Wolfsburg have three cool looking jerseys this year: a white home jersey with a Chevron design, an away kit with multi-colored vertical stripes and an alternate kit that anniversaries the “X” double sash look from last year.


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