This past Sunday I had to witness a miserable display from Chelsea FC in their final tune up before the English Premier League kicks off this weekend. To make matters worse it wasn’t a loss to someone like Stoke City or Everton but rather our dreaded London rivals Arsenal. To add salt in that wound Arsenal now has our former goalkeeper and club legend Petr Cech in goal which just doesn’t look right. I knew Chelsea had a suspect pre-season and they are no where near mid-season form but never did I think they would look this poor. Their passing, their spacing and their defending all looked like a middle of the table club.

Top goal scorer Diego Costa did not play as he’s nursing a continuing hamstring issue so his insertion into the starting lineup will surely help. His presence alone would not have changed the result of this game. Arsenal outplayed Chelsea and once they got their goal they did a great job of throwing nine players back on defense and locking up. The Blues will really need Loic Remy or Radamel Falcao to step up and score goals if Costa is forced to miss more time. This could be their one weakness and they better figure it out sooner rather than later before the transfer window closes.

Below is my running commentary during the 2015 Community Shield match:

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1′ The shadows at Wembley are obnoxious, this is not an appealing television experience

1′ Theo Walcott doesn’t look a day over 16 years old

3′ Not sure I’m ever going to get used to Petr Cech in an Arsenal uniform. 100x worse than Lampard going to Manchester City

5′ No Diego Costa today, Remy starting at striker. He wanted a more active role let’s see if he capitalizes on that opportunity

7′ Question for the Arsenal fans, who is your more hated ex-Gunner? Fabregas, Nasri or Van Persie?

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10′ Willian looking lively and elusive today on the ball

13′ Chelsea have a ton of space on the left side, I wish Azpilicueta had an offensive bone in his body

15′ Do Arsenal really expect to compete for a title with Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck as their main goal scoring options?

16′ I don’t think Arsenal has strung together a possession with three successful passes yet

21′ Arsenal first attempt on goal. Cazorla free kick to a Walcott header but easy save from Courtois

23′ Goal! 1-0 Arsenal. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain with space on the right side, jukes into the box and strikes it into the far post with his left foot.

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25′ Chelsea’s offensive game plan seems to be lob the ball up and hope Arsenal makes a mistake

30′ This is a match more fit for Oscar starting than Ramires

32′ Ramires curling right foot shot wide of the post, decent attempt

33′ I’m already counting down the minutes until they put Falcao on. Call me a blind optimist but I foresee big things from him this season

35′ Remy cross to Ramires right in front of the net heads it over the bar. Should’ve been a goal. Ugh…

36′ I gotta keep telling myself “It’s still the pre-season, it’s still the pre-season…”

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38′ Ramsey hits the side netting, Chelsea back line doesn’t look anywhere near in-form

41′ Another Arsenal attack and but Chelsea escapes. Why didn’t Courtois come off his line and scoop up that through ball? Not inspiring goalkeeping so far

42′ Back heel pass #17 on the day for Eden Hazard

43′ Offsides on Remy. He’s done absolutely zero to deserve being the back-up behind Costa so far. Number three striker, if not transfer candidate, written all over it

HT Halftime. 1-0 Arsenal

45′ Woohoo! Falcao on at the striker spot. Remy’s day is over

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45′ Dear God they just mentioned Falcao, Torres and Shevchenko in the same sentence

46′ The new Premier League ball is going to provide for some amazing FIFA 16 screenshots

49′ What position is Ramires even playing? He’s all over the place and getting in everyone’s way

52′ Oscar coming on for Ramires and only about fifty minutes too late

58′ I’m getting the feeling that Arsenal are completely content with a 1-0 victory

60′ Chelsea are holding possession in Arsenal’s half but cannot break the defense down

60′ Ramires header has been the only solid look all day for the Blues

61′ Hazard just skied the ball into the River Thames. Open look with just Cech in front of him and he rockets the ball over the crossbar into the crowd

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64′ Yellow card for Cesar Azpilicueta for taking down a streaking Chamberlain

65′ Theo Walcott makes way for Olivier Giroud

68′ Oscar free kick curling into the corner but a diving Petr Cech makes the save

69′ Arsenal counter attack and Giroud returns the favor and flies a ball over the net from right in front of the goal

70′ Another Chelsea substitution, Kurt Zouma on for Cesar Azpilicueta

72′ Arsenal are just sitting nine guys back in defense

73′ Anyone else already regretting Chelsea allowing Cech to move to Arsenal? I know I am

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74′ Roman Abramovich should be preparing a £100 million bid for Ronaldo right now

76′ The lone goal scorer Alex Oxlade Chamberlain being subbed off for Mikel Arteta

76′ Arsenal about to park the bus for the final fifteen minutes

77′ Fabregas with a dreadful cross off a free kick. He’s been absolutely miserable today

80′ More substitutions, Mesut Ozil off and Keiran Gibbs on the bus is officially on the field

81′ Offense/Defense switch as Victor Moses comes on and John Terry heads off

84′ Ivanovic with a shitty back pass to Courtois who can’t handle it and a free corner kick for Arsenal

84′ Chelsea’s passing today has been an abomination. That play sums it up pretty well

85′ Can’t blame this game on Diego Costa not playing. This squad should’ve competed much better than they showed

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85′ Courtois a save on a Cazorla shot which rebounds to Ramsey whose shot is deflected and just wide of the goal. Another corner…

86′ Tempers flare as another foul called on Arsenal. Tiny scrum between Falcao, Coquelin and Fabregas

88′ I will be more pissed about losing this game than being embarrassed by the NY Red Bulls

89′ Another free kick for Chelsea who have done nothing with the last six attempts

89′ It feels like Chelsea has absolutely zero height. They haven’t won a decisive header all day

90′ Extra time has been added and it will be 4 minutes

92′ Most frustrating game I’ve seen in a long time. They got one week to turn this around against Swansea City

FT Full Time. Arsenal defeat Chelsea 1-0 to win the Community Shield