“The NBA should be banned from using the phrase “NBA cares” in any future public service announcement.” — J.A. Adande

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So the circus that was the Seattle Sonics is finally over. The franchise will be moved to Oklahoma City with colors and mascot still to be determined. One thing we know for sure is that Seattle has been screwed over more times in the past month than a slubag from the Hills. After a $45 million buy out with the potential for $30 more if Seattle doesn’t get a franchise in the next 5 years set a terrible precedent for any team that desires relocation. Seattle, a great basketball city, a city that has supported the Sonics through Bob Weiss coaching era, losing to the #8 seed Nuggets, fighting the Bulls in the 1996 NBA Finals and letting their best player in franchise history Gary Payton get away. 41 Years of History will remain in Seattle but at what cost? What happens when the Hornets want to leave New Orleans? The Grizzlies from Memphis? or Nets from New Jersey?

“We understand that city, county, and state officials are currently discussing a plan to substantially rebuild KeyArena for the sum of $300 million,” Stern said in a statement. “If this funding were authorized, we believe KeyArena could properly be renovated into a facility that meets NBA standards relating to revenue generation, fan amenities, team facilities, and the like.” So the NBA approved this based on facility? Are you kidding me? Because the team has an out dated arena you are allowed to strip a good city of their team? I would be livid right now if I would have grown up a Sonics fan. My Shawn Kemp jersey would be thrown into a box and stored in the garage. I don’t think Seattle fans should have to sit around waiting in limbo to see if the NBA can arrange for a team to come to Seattle. After all it’s most likely going to be Memphis or an expansion team which the NBA does not need at all. So, is it okay for a Sonics fan to jump the bandwagon and become a Blazer fan?

If your team is eliminated are you required to either A) Root for that team wherever they go? B) Root for the team in next closest proximity (Portland Trailblazers) or C) Apply for Fan Free Agency and test the market at free will? I would say A. would be very painful considering how they left. B would also make sense but would be difficult because they were their equivalent to a rival and how do you forget the years of hatred that is unless you are Jim Edmonds. I guess C would be the most logical. Cheer up Seattle fans at least you can enjoy a season without Shawn Alexander and his 3.4 yards per carry….