For the first time since the inception of the “NBA Christmas Day Jersey” we’ve seen a simple, elegant and successful design. This year’s uniforms aren’t overly flashy but they’re effective in reminding us of the December 25th holiday. A script holiday font with plenty of white (cream) colors to bring a subtle feeling of Winter. The outcome they were going for was to mimic a greeting card and I think they nailed it. NBA2K16 released the jerseys today in their latest update, instead of only creating uniforms for the 10 teams playing on Christmas day there is one for all 30 teams. You can see them in all their glory below.

The first edition of the Xmas Day jerseys were mono-chromatic uniforms in each’s teams primary color. The campaign slogan was “Big Color” and while there was a gluttony of color I wouldn’t call the campaign a rousing success. The players were looking like crayons out there on the court. The body, numbers and trim were all of the same color and only the borders of the lettering and numbers were different so that they were visible. At the time I thought they were the worst things I’ve seen on a basketball court since the Latin Nights jerseys. I was wrong.

The following year the NBA and Adidas sunk to a new low. The sleeved jersey phenomenon was in full force and so an appearance on Christmas was inevitable. The uniforms that were created looked nothing like a basketball jersey for a professional association. They more closely resembled children’s pajamas. The body was all one color and the only thing on the front was a silver metallic logo on the chest. The player’s number was set on the sleeve and the back resembled a normal uniform. An all-time low is the only thing I can say that will put this into context.

Finally, last season we returned to some sense of sanity. The 2014 version was a hybrid between a normal uniform and the 2013 edition. The sleeved X-Mas jerseys were banished to extinction, the sleeveless tanks were back, but the logo made yet another appearance. The front of the jersey had the team’s logo positioned above a smaller sized number all centered in the middle of the uniform. The twist for this year was on the back where the name was placed below the number and inserted in a block nameplate fashion. And instead of the last name on the jersey their first name was used. They had me until they went with first name, something about that #21 Tim jerseys on the Spurs or #2 John jersey on the Wizards is a bit childish.

2015 Christmas Day Jerseys