One would think that on October 13th, in a post season in which the Yankees did not advance past the ALDS, I would be pretty pissed off.  And truth be told I was, that is until I’ve been watching the Red Sox implode right in front of us.  Blowing the biggest lead in regular season history is one thing but to turn on your own is another.

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While I rarely will ever say anything “nice” about the Boston Red Sox, I’ve always liked Terry Francona and to see what they’ve done to him is pretty shameful.  I’m sure there is more to the story than a “mutual” parting.  I bet more details come out down the road similar to Torre and the Yankees.  Boston has already tried to drag Francona through the mud saying his pain killers and marriage all led to him being distracted.  What a crock that is.  He’s already come and denied that.

Curt Schilling put it best, “Character assassination of the worst kind. It starts at the top.  These are some bad people. This guy (Francona) gives everything he could give. They spent nine or 10 years building this into a model franchise, so to speak, and I think they destroyed it in a matter of …”

So the Red Sox are left manager-less and now it looks like they are General Manager-less. Reports are that Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs have agreed to a deal; pending compensation from Chicago to Boston as Boston does own his rights for another year.  While Epstein has brought 2 championships in a matter of 6 years, he’s made some really bad signings as well.  I would say the same thing for Brian Cashman.  While the Red Sox and Yankees have tremendous wealth they can overcome these bad contracts whereas a small market team cannot.  What I’m saying is I don’t know how good Epstein and Cashman are or aren’t, it’s tough to tell in their position.

Here’s what I do know.  Epstein did a great job building the Red Sox farm system but pissed it all away in the Victor Martinez trade last year.  His signing of Carl Crawford has not looked so hot.  He’s also made other laughable deals, see: Julio Lugo, Edgar Renteria, Bobby Jenks and Eric Gagne.   I wish him all the best of luck with Chicago, you’re going to need it but as per Boston the ship is sailing but no one is steering.

On another note, why are people surprised that baseball players are sitting back in the locker room eating fried chicken, drinking beer and playing video games?  This doesn’t shock me in the least.  Baseball is the only sport where you can “hide” from the camera during the game.  Basketball players have to sit on the bench and Football players have to stand on the sideline.  You can go back to the clubhouse and do whatever the hell you want and no media person would be the wiser.  Baseball really is the only sport where some players (non-injured players) are guaranteed not to play on any given day.  So the fact that starting pitchers, who play once every 5 days, aren’t watching the current game is no surprise to me.

It sounds like the culprits are Beckett, Lester and Lackey.  With a report coming out that former Marlins manager, Jack McKeon, actually locked the clubhouse during Marlins games as to keep Beckett from going there.  So this is nothing new for him.

What is surprising is that these “athletes” who get paid to play a game, play it well and stay in shape are back drinking beers and chomping away on fried chicken.  Clearly baseball of all the sports requires possibly the least amount of conditioning.  Basketball players are always running, same with soccer and football players as well.  Just look at some of the players in the league.  They look like fat I.T. guys sitting around munching on chips all day.  (Jose Valverde, Bobby Jenks, Carlos Silva, Jose Molina, etc.)

The most important question is what video games are they playing?  MLB the Show on PS3? FIFA 12? Madden? Grand Theft Auto? Rock Band?  This would be more telling to me than anything else.

Today, I just read some comments from David Ortiz that he might want to play somewhere else next year (to avoid the drama as I think he put it) and that joining the Yankees is “”something I gotta think about”.  The better question is why would he think the Yankees want him?  Chances are he said that only to make a jab at Red Sox management but I’m going to take the literal interpretation and run with it.

At first thought you might say well he’s a left-handed bat, Yankee stadium has a short right field porch and if he’s on your team (which he’s been clutch against the Yankees in the past) he can’t hurt you.  All fair points but allow me to retort….

Statistically Ortiz had a great season in 2011. He hit .309 with 29 HR and 96 RBI.  But unfortunately so did a lot of guys.   Nothing that he does makes that Yankees that much better.  The Yankees problem this year is that they could not hit in the clutch against the Tigers.  Period.

He’s currently 35 years old (if you believe his birth certificate is right).  That doesn’t really push this Yankee team in the right direction, building behind the youth of Cano, Montero, Granderson, etc.  This would be a step in the wrong direction.

He’s been making around $11-13m per year the past few years, he would most likely demand an equal salary.  I would rather have 3 scrappy role players making $3M each than pay a DH that.  Or hell go after one of the really big fish this off-season (check out who’s a FA below) either way Ortiz fits into none of those categories.

w/Options: Cris Carpenter,  Roy Oswalt, CC Sabathia, Francisco Cordero, Joe Nathan, K-Rod, Yadier Molina, Todd Helton, Robinson Cano, Brandon Phillips

Unrestricted: CJ Wilson, Mark Buehrle, Edwin Jackson, Heath Bell, Jon Broxton, Papelbon-Douche, Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, Rickie Weeks, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Beltran, Michael Cuddyer, Raul Ibanez, Juan Pierre.

Imagine if the Yankees tell Posada to take a walk and then bring in Ortiz to replace him at DH, the uproar that would bring among Yankee fans.  Signing Johnny Damon was one thing, getting Ortiz might cause the US along I-95 to explode.

For a franchise that looked to have everything going at the All-Star break I think if you were to predict this someone would say, “when hell freezes over…”  So I guess the question is now, “What is the temperature in hell?”