One month from yesterday, Major League Baseball’s summer classic, the All Star Game will be held in sunny San Diego. This will be their first All Star game since 1992 when it was held at then Jack Murphy Stadium. I happened to be present for that game and will never forget it for the rest of my life. The American League dominated the National League 13-6 with Ken Griffey Jr. taking the MVP honors. Junior, Will Clark and Ruben Sierra all hit home runs which made the over 2 hour wait to get into the game because of security for President George Bush well worth it. Ted Williams threw out the first pitch and I’ll be able to tell my kids that I witnessed a game where Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roberto Alomar, Ryne Sandberg, Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken Jr, Wade Boggs and Kirby Puckett all shared the same field. Not forgetting Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz and Dennis Eckersly pitching in the game as well.

The 87th All Star game voting is underway and will continue throughout the month of June concluding on the 30th at midnight. Per MLB rules you can vote one of a few ways: via or any of the 30 individual team sites or exclusively online using the 2016 Esurance MLB All-Star Game Ballot. You are allowed to vote up to 5 times within any 24 hour window with a maximum of 35 times.

Below is my first pass at my MLB All-Star Starters and Reserves. I’m not predicting who I think will win, I’m selecting who I think should win. There’s a big difference between the two. I’m not interested in choosing All Stars solely based on popularity, you have to earn it on the field and your numbers need to support your claim. I’m going to make a revision to this list right before the 30th as a lot can change over the course of a month in baseball. And no I don’t sign up for the every team needs to have a representative philosophy. If you don’t like it then be better.



C – Salvador Perez, KC – .281/9 HR/27 RBI/.500 SLG/2.2 WAR

1B – Eric Hosmer, KC – .318/12 HR/38 RBI/.906 OPS/1.6 WAR

2B – Jose Altuve, HOU – .344/10 HR/38 RBI/18 SB/.419 OBP

SS – Xander Bogaerts, BOS – .359/8 HR/44 RBI/.527 SLG/3.6 WAR

3B – Manny Machado, BAL – .308/16 HR/39 RBI/.600 SLG/3.3 WAR

OF – Mookie Betts, BOS – .289/14 HR/47 RBI/11 SB/3.2 WAR

OF – Mike Trout, LAA – .309/13 HR/44 RBI/.958 OPS/3.4 WAR

OF – Mark Trumbo, BAL – .286/20 HR/49 RBI/.584 SLG/1.2 WAR

SP – Chris Sale, CHW – 10-2/2.87 ERA/1.01 WHIP/91.0 IP/86 K/19 BB

SP – Rich Hill, OAK – 8-3/2.25 ERA/1.13 WHIP/64.0 IP/74 K/24 BB

SP – Chris Tillman, BAL – 8-1/3.01 ERA/1.17 WHIP/77.2 IP/75 K/29 BB

CP – Zach Britton, BAL – 19 SV/0 BLSV/1.03 ERA/0.61 WHIP/28 K/5 BB


C – Matt Wieters, BAL – .266/6 HR/27 RBI/.429 SLG/0.6 WAR

1B – Miguel Cabrera, DET – .297/12 HR/36 RBI/.880 OPS/1.8 WAR

2B – Robinson Cano, SEA – .295/18 HR/51 RBI/.922 OPS/3.3 WAR

SS – Francisco Lindor, CLE – .304/7 HR/33 RBI/.450 SLG/2.8 WAR

3B – Nick Castellanos, DET – .305/12 HR/37 RBI/.545 SLG/1.2 WAR

OF – Jackie Bradley Jr, BOS – .311/10 HR/43 RBI/.970 OPS/3.0 WAR

OF – Nomar Mazara, TEX – .315/10 HR/28 RBI/.479 SLG/1.3 WAR

OF – George Springer, HOU – .271/14 HR/37 RBI/.477 SLG/3.0 WAR

SP – Jordan Zimmermann, DET – 8-3/3.30 ERA/1.21 WHIP/71.0 IP/46 K/15 BB

SP – Danny Salazar, CLE – 7-3/2.19 ERA/1.14 WHIP/74.0 IP/89 K/37 BB

SP – Steven Wright, BOS – 7-4/2.09 ERA/1.13 WHIP/82.0 IP/70 K/33 BB

CP – Wade Davis, KC – 17 SV/1 BLSV/1.16 ERA/0.99 WHIP/25 K/10 BB

**Snubs: Ian Kinsler, Dustin Pedroia, Eduardo Nunez, Evan Longoria, David Ortiz, Victor Martinez, Yunel Escobar, Michael Saunders, Ian Desmond



C – Jonathan Lucroy, MIL – .303/9 HR/29 RBI/.512 SLG/2.0 WAR

1B – Paul Goldschmidt, AZ – .283/11 HR/39 RBI/.919 OPS/2.3 WAR

2B – Daniel Murphy, WAS – .369/11 HR/42 RBI/.609 SLG/1.018 OPS/2.3 WAR

SS – Corey Seager, LAD – .280/14 HR/35 RBI/.508 SLG/2.2 WAR

3B – Nolan Arenado, COL – .289/19 HR/53 RBI/.952 OPS/3.5 WAR

OF – Ryan Braun, MIL – .316/11 HR/36 RBI/.919 OPS/1.8 WAR

OF – Yoenis Cespedes, NYM – .282/16 HR/40 RBI/.927 OPS/1.7 WAR

OF – Bryce Harper, WAS – .258/13 HR/38 RBI/.923 OPS/2.0 WAR

SP – Clayton Kershaw, LAD – 9-1/1.52 ERA/0.65 WHIP/100.2 IP/122 K/6 BB

SP – Jake Arrieta, CHC – 10-1/1.86 ERA/0.95 WHIP/87.0 IP/90 K/28 BB

SP – Madison Bumgarner, SF – 7-2/1.88 ERA/1.07 WHIP/86.0 IP/99 K/25 BB

CP – Mark Melancon, PIT – 19 SV/1 BLSV/1.71 ERA/1.10 WHIP/21 K/7 BB


C – Buster Posey, SF – .251/8 HR/28 RBI/.438 SLG/1.2 WAR

1B – Anthony Rizzo, CHC – .264/14 HR/47 RBI/.915 OPS/2.1 WAR

2B – Ben Zobrist, CHC – .324/8 HR/38 RBI/.931 OPS/2.5 WAR

SS – Jonathan Villar, MIL – .292/5 HR/25 RBI/23 SB/1.9 WAR

3B – Matt Carpenter, STL – .285/10 HR/42 RBI/.955 OPS/2.8 WAR

OF – Starling Marte, PIT – .332/5 HR/23 RBI/19 SB/3.2 WAR

OF – Marcell Ozuna, MIA – .319/12 HR/37 RBI/.914 OPS/1.9 WAR

OF – Stephen Piscotty, STL – .308/7 HR/35 RBI/.480 SLG/2.4 WAR

SP – Johnny Cueto, SF – 9-1/2.16 ERA/0.99 WHIP/95.2 IP/81 K/19 BB

SP – Noah Syndergaard, NYM – 6-2/2.00 ERA/1.00 WHIP/76.2 IP/95 K/12 BB

SP – Stephen Strasburg, WAS – 10-0/3.03 ERA/1.07 WHIP/86.0 IP/110 K/23 BB

CP – Jeurys Familia, NYM – 21 SV/0 BLSV/3.56 ERA/1.29 WHIP/29 K/10 BB

**Snubs: Zach Cozart, Aledmys Diaz, Kris Bryant, Josh Harrison, Christian Yelich, DJ LeMahieu, Martin Prado, Odubel Herrera, Carlos Gonzalez