In approximately 12 hours the Kevin Durant sweepstakes will be underway and we’ll hold our breath as the biggest free agent since LeBron James in 2010 makes his decision that will sway the landscape of the NBA. As of right now Durant has meetings scheduled out in the Hamptons with the following teams: The Thunder, Warriors, Clippers, Spurs, Celtics and Heat. There have been rumors of other teams looking to get into the mix (Lakers, Knicks, Rockets) but they’re all standing outside the club right now with no hopes of getting in. It’s rather comical these meetings are being held in the Knicks backyard and they can’t even get a face to face. This process just goes to show you what star players think about the Knicks and Lakers organizations and how far they are from winning right now. Sorry not even the appeal of Manhattan or Los Angeles is going to be strong enough to outweigh the negatives of inept front offices, marginal rosters and delusional fan bases.

Meetings aren’t allowed to occur until 12:01 tonight and no contracts can be finalized until July 7th.

Here’s how I’m handicapping the odds:

  • Warriors 35%
  • Thunder 25%
  • Spurs 20%
  • Heat 15%
  • Celtics 5%
  • Knicks 0%
  • Lakers 0%
  • Rockets 0%