The Madden Ultimate Team grind continues and this latest phase of MUT nearly pushed me to the brink of never playing again. When the game was first released it was damn near impossible to even play on a harder difficulty. Players dropped passes for no reason and fumbles occurred as often as players adjusting their jock. It’s as frustrating as anything I’ve ever experienced playing a video game. (Thank god the patch released in the second week has really tuned the game back to appropriate levels) Then add on top of that a solo challenge so bullshit, so fucking annoying, so damn impossible, it sent all of the Madden community into a rage. I went off the deep end and it took me more than a day to recover. Of course I’m talking about the infamous “Josh Norman Solo Challenge”.` Screen Shot 9:2:16, 9.46 PM

The Josh Norman challenge was a set of solos in order to win a Limited Use (10 games in Solos or Online, Unlimited use against Friends) 91 Elite Josh Norman card. The challenge was relatively tame up until the final mission and then all hell broke lose. The objective of the mission was to defeat the Denver Broncos on the road at Mile High Stadium (yes I still call it that) in the snow and wind. Mind you, the difficulty is set to All-Madden and you trail by 10 points and have the ball with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Not an easy task.

Legitimately I attempted this challenge close to 40 times before having to turn it off and walk away. If I tried again that night I would’ve broken my controller no question about it. So I waited until the new patch was released, by that time maybe my receivers would actually hold onto the damn ball, and try again. On my 13th attempt on that second go around I finally succeeded. I beat the infamous Josh Norman Fucking challenge and I get that stupid limited use card that I’ve yet to use. It was more about pride at that point, I just needed to beat the damn mission, I didn’t even care about the reward anymore. Below is the video of my epic victory over the insanely bullshit Denver Broncos. God bless that player who made the game saving tackle at 6:55 on the video, I don’t know where I’d be without it.

I pray we never have to go through anything like this ever again. The most torturous video game task ever created. Satan himself must have made that solo challenge because no one human could’ve ever thought of something that sadistic and vile. Bravo EA Sports you really out did yourself on bringing hatred of a video game segment to a new level. The pure joy and ecstasy I felt defeating that challenge ranks among the top achievements in my entire life. Promotions, buying a house, graduating college, playing NCAA college basketball are all meaningless. Beating the Josh Fucking Norman Solo Challenge is tops.