There are rivalries and then there are rivalries. Sure the Dallas Cowboys & Washington Redskins are rivals, so are the Yankees & Red Sox and Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics but what do you get for winning such a match-up? Pride? Dignity? That’s dumb. It’s hard to keep track of pride and dignity when a championship is not on the line. We need tangible objects to remind us who came out on top. All rivalries need trophies similar to how college football tradition does it. If you don’t compete to win a silly tchotchke then what’s the point of having a rivalry? If anyone wants to buy me a miniature Floyd of Rosedale hit me up, there isn’t a sports memorabilia prop I want more.

In the last few installments of EA Sports NCAA Football series the trophies were incorporated into the game both via trophy case accomplishments but also from an end game cut scene perspective. I’ve played countless hours of NCAA Football 14 and unfortunately not all rivalry trophies generate an animation during the post game wrap up. Only a handful of them but the overwhelming majority of the ones you’d want are present, especially if you’re a fan of Big Ten football which four of the seven are.

  • The Golden Boot – LSU vs. Arkansas
  • The Little Brown Jug – Michigan vs. Minnesota
  • The Golden Hat – Oklahoma vs. Texas
  • The Jeweled Shillelagh – USC vs. Notre Dame
  • Paul Bunyon Trophy – Michigan vs. Michigan State
  • Paul Bunyon’s Axe – Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
  • Floyd of Rosedale – Iowa vs. Wisconsin

All the way at the bottom you can see all the other trophies that I’ve earned so far. You can earn them via exhibition or dynasty, doesn’t matter, all you need to do is win. I would’ve loved to see celebrations with the Keg of Nails, Golden Egg, Apple Cup and the Seminole War Canoe but it wasn’t meant to be. There are numerous other trophies not listed, some of them are god awful and I think there are about 4 different Victory Bell trophies, in total NCAA Football 14 features 48 trophies. Maybe, if and when, the next NCAA Football game ever comes out we’ll get to see all of them in full effect.