I’ve been preaching for a long time that ‘Clean Ultimate Team’ is the way to go. FUT is a never ending grind and once you think you’ve reached the mountain top with a particular card, FIFA releases a new card completely negating the old card and the grind starts all over again. This week is a prime example of that, for a month people spent hundreds of thousands of coin on the 90 rated Eden Hazard SBC from the Player of the Month set in October (which is untradeable by the way, that money is gone forever) only for that to be obsolete with Team of the Week 15 Hazard rated a 91. Sure the SBC Hazard positions him at Left Wing and the TOTW 15 is a ST but for an IF to appear that quickly just goes to show you FIFA 17 will do whatever they can to pump out new cards sinking the demand for the card you just acquired.

I stupidly started the Ligue 1 SBC set for the 87 rated Alexandre Lacazette card. I thought it would be relatively easy since there weren’t too many big names in Ligue 1. I could upgrade my Lacazette and it would be relatively cheap in the scheme of things, I was thinking max 300,000 coin. Wrong! What I didn’t realize and I should’ve researched was the cost of golds wasn’t the issue, it is the silvers. Those damn silvers.

With people knowing what is at stake, a ridiculously fast striker with sniper marksmanship, the desire for this set is high and the card prices reflect it. Before this week the only Lacazette cards were an 85 rated base card and an 86 Movember card. Again until this week, he too was part of TOTW 15 and received a 86 IF card (which thankfully happens to be slightly less than the SBC version).

The cost of silvers range anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 for each player and for many sets you need anywhere from 5 to 8 silvers per set. That money adds up quickly. Using FUTBin (prices are way under-stated) 346,000 is a projection of what it will take to acquire the SBC Lacazette. The biggest obstacle is the Toulouse set where players are going for as high as 18,000. Some players you need actually have zero cards in the transfer market. For whatever reason these cards are extremely rare and extremely valuable. The cost for this set could reach 100,000 by itself based on the prices I’m seeing.

Below are some examples of the silver Toulouse cards that are going for bank right now. In fact when I just checked all four of the scarce positions (LB/CB/RB/RM) they all had zero cards posted on the transfer market. Any card that does appear is sold under a minute. (*Rule of thumb, if you have a Ligue 1 silver card do not discard it, put it on the auction block you might be surprised what the going rate is)

Part of my brain is telling me to take my losses (200k) and walk away but I’ve come too far. All in all this card will probably cost me 500,000+ coin which is well more than I was planning to spend. Lacazette is one of my all time favorite players in FUT so I’m hoping the investment is worth it. I say that now but when the Team of the Year version comes out trumping this SBC I’m going to be punching myself in the face. Make sure you chart your path, run the numbers and do your research before jumping into any SBC, chances are the risk far outweighs the reward.