Remember when Chelsea had this expensive, extensive and expansive transfer list that included the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Alex Sandro, Leonardo Bonnuci, Tiemoue Bakayoko and James Rodriguez? Seems like forever ago really but over the course of the last month nothing has happened except an eventful text message from Antonio Conte to Diego Costa informing him he was not in next year’s plan. Yet here we are in the same position as when the summer started, not one signing under our belt except for Willy Caballero as the back-up goalkeeper.

We have publicly humiliated Diego Costa with the way Conte “informed” him that he wasn’t going to be in the team’s future. We have yet to move said player and the only place he does want to go (Atletico Madrid) has a transfer ban which doesn’t allow them to sign a player until the Winter Transfer Window in January. So either Costa decides to sit out and wait for a January move to Atleti (not great for Chelsea), he accepts a transfer/loan to another team (he’s refused a move to China for big money) or he remains at the club and the two find a way to coexist for as long as they’re able to.

Something has to give, Costa was too valuable in their Championship run just to be brushed aside and thought of as a role player. He single handily won games for the Blues, he scored some crucial goals and there’s no way they’re lifting the Premier League trophy without his contributions (both years really). It’s a tricky situation, I’ve been critical of him in the past for his temper getting in the way of his play but when he’s focused and locked in my god is he lethal. My preference would be to see Costa stay, mend his relationship with Conte and have the Blues run it back with him as striker. There aren’t too many players who can walk into the Premier League and lock them in for 20 goals.

The Blues will have a heavier fixture this season with Champions League play on their minds in 2017-2018. Diego Costa cannot possibly do it all by himself another striker is going to be 100% necessary. But the question remains who? And the better question why would you tell Costa to find another club before you had a replacement for him? Seemed a bit premature and a bit presumptuous that everything would go to plan. It hasn’t.

Rumors been swirling of a reunion between Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea but now it appears that Manchester United might be favorites to sign the Belgian. Both clubs have apparently made £75 million offers to Everton and reports say Lukaku wants to return to Chelsea while his notorious agent wants him to move to United, who can also offer Wayne Rooney as part of that deal. 

I like Lukaku a lot, I never wanted Chelsea to sell him in the first place but the profit to be made was too good to pass up. To receive £28 million or whatever it was at the time paid for Cesc Fabregas and that transfer paid off with their championship in 2015. But if Chelsea are looking to spend £75 million right now and Lukaku is the lone option then I’m going to at least explore what else that money can get me. Again, I like Lukaku, I think he’s very good and he can replicate a lot of what Costa did in this system but for that kind of cash these are the strikers I would at least be asking about.

  • Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang
  • Edinson Cavani
  • Alexandre Lacazette (Signed with Arsenal)
  • Mauro Icardi
  • Gareth Bale

If passing on Lukaku means any one of the following players listed below, which they have been rumored to be linked to, then by all means sign Lukaku and don’t look back.

  • Alvaro Morata
  • Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez
  • Fernando Llorente
  • Christian Benteke
  • Andrea Belotti
  • Timo Werner