It’s the most wonderful time of the year, well not exactly but in some regards it’s fairly awesome. FIFA 18 debuted this past week and with the release of the world’s most popular game comes my favorite tradition, looking at all the new kits (uniforms). Since the season started over a month ago we’ve already seen many of the main stream jerseys on the field already. But’s not about Chelsea’s new Nike kit (even though it’s their first year with Nike and that itself brings some excitement) it’s about the hidden gems across Europe and the rest of the world that we otherwise wouldn’t know about.

Finding uniforms for your Ultimate Team or Pro Club is important, it gives you distinct way to differentiate your “brand”. If you opt for one of the more traditional uniforms that’s fine but for me it’s all about the uniqueness of a design, the out of the ordinary color schemes and the flat out bizarre patterns. Each year there are a handful of jerseys that blow your mind. Last year it was Bordeaux’s pink, purple and blue graphic print jersey with images of various landmarks across their city. This year unfortunately nothing overly remarkable but some cool ones nonetheless.

The biggest let down so far with the new soccer uniforms has been Nike’s lack of creativity. For each of the major clubs they’re using the same body template with different colors. For the world’s largest sports apparel retailer this is thoroughly disappointing. As you can see below Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, Man City, Inter Milan and Spurs all have the same third kit with the geometric camo print. The same goes for the International jerseys of England, France, Portugal, Netherlands and the United States. Even Inter Milan and Galatasaray’s away jerseys have the same body and sleeves, it’s all just very blah. It’s high time Nike starts embracing their license for these clubs and start doing something special. It’s the second year of what I’ll call laziness for lack of a better term. And when I say special that doesn’t mean ostentatious but it does mean each club should have their own uniform identity.

NIKE Boring Zzzzzz Kits FIFA18

NIKE 3rd Kit in FIFA18

NIKE “Gradient” Jerseys in FIFA17

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