The second inaugural campaign of FIFA’s Ultimate Scream made its return yesterday and with Halloween approaching there is no time better than to beef up your Ultimate Team squad with some Screamers. These special cards are a slight boost over the player’s current base card (+1 overall) and they’ll “transform” over a four day period (Oct 29 to Nov 1) into super cards for us to enjoy. If you can pull someone on the Scream Team then that’s great keep them and enjoy, if you aren’t so lucky then don’t overspend in the transfer market. It’s not worth making a huge commitment for four days of scream status. Once Halloween ends these cards go back to a pumpkin and you’ll have an “In-Form” card slightly better than their base which you can get for cheaper.

It is worth noting that if you are a die hard FUT addict like myself then you’ll remember Ultimate Scream cards come in handy towards the end of FIFA as they release special SBC’s which require unique cards in those challenges. I’m going to try and snipe a few cards once prices decline right after the event and stock pile them for the Spring. This year’s induction into the Scream Team is far better than last year. There are a ton of cards here I’ll want beyond this event so kudos to the FIFA team for providing us a group that we’ll covet. I’m sure this will do some damage on my wallet because I’m a sucker for these special card types. Based on the videos making their way around Twitter, Ultimate Scream members also have customized Halloween walkouts so if you’re able to pack one grab a video of the animation and post it online.

There is a chance some of these cards will hold their value because EA did pick players who aren’t necessarily in line every week for Team of the Week. In other words Daniel Sturridge or Vincent Kompany won’t be getting an In-Form any time soon so these cards will continue to be valuable. If any of these players do get an In-Form then I would expect their Ultimate Scream card to be discounted heavily. As always investing in FUT cards is half luck and half whatever EA Sports wants to do. From last year’s team other than Lukaku and Salah (who both broke through in a huge way) most of the players did not receive that many TOTW honors throughout the year — Dimitri Payet, Douglas Costa, Hector Bellerin and Thomas Muller were all pretty pedestrian.


Mesut Ozil – This might be the most coveted card of the lot as Ozil (pre-transform) receive’s +3 pace so now he’s up to a respectable 74 as a CAM. His shot rating goes up slightly to a 76 and his physical rating gets a much needed +5 boost. His transformed card is incredible and will be great for those few days. Currently the card is going for 170k on PS4 which is too much but if it drops into the 125K range then it’s worth a look with the improvements in his weaker areas.

Franck Ribery – The winger isn’t the pace master he once was back in the day but he’s still got enough speed with the right chemistry card. If you pull this card I would suggest selling it. If you’re making a French team then I would rather have Anthony Martial who has more size and versatility. If you’re building a Bundesliga team then your end game should probably be Reus not Ribery. I would take the money and run especially at 145K.

Karim Benzema – I just picked up his base card today and that itself already feels super charged so I can’t image what the Ultimate Scream will do to him. He gets a boost in pretty much every area except defense (who needs that from a striker anyways). With chemistry links within La Liga and France he’s an extremely valuable card, it’s going for +200K. Real Madrid scores goals at a feverish pace so the chances of Benzema making a TOTW are strong, be careful if you decide to buy here it could be a losing long term proposition.

Ivan Perisic – It’s not the statistical increases that makes Perisic’s card intriguing it’s a switch in position to CAM from LW. There are many options in the Calico A on the left wing: Insigne, IF Shaarawy and Douglas Costa and unless you’re running a 3-4-3 there’s only room for one. Having Perisic centrally located with 85 pace makes him a tremendous threat. There too are many options in midfield with Matuidi, Pjanic, Marchisio, Dybala, Nainggolan and Hamsik so pick your poison.

Vincent Kompany – The Manchester City captain used to be one of the most cherished cards in FUT with his high pace and strength at center back. Kompany once had 73 pace but now after multiple injuries EA has him at a 63 which is below average. His Ultimate Scream card increases to a 66 and if you’re nostalgic and want to reminisce about the good old days then grab Kompany as his transformed card will have 75 pace. With a Shadow chemistry card the Belgian will be a 78 with 97 defense so don’t sleep on this card.

Peter Crouch – This is a brilliant play by EA Sports, get the guy who is 6 foot 7 inches and turn him into Lionel Messi. Crouch’s high water mark came in FIFA 12 when he received an In Form card with Stoke City that pushed him up to a 82 overall with 65 pace and 85 shooting. Entering into FIFA 18, Crouch is actually a rare silver card rated a 74 overall with John Terry like 33 pace but fear not he transforms into a true monster.  During Ultimate Scream he’ll have 85 pace, 85 shooting, 74 passing, 70 dribbling and 80 physicality. I’m going to buy this card just to have a great time over the weekend. The spider has turned into a killing machine.

There are a lot of fun cards here: Depay, Delofeu, Carrasco Kovacic, Cuadrado, Khedira, The Benders, Bartra, Pulisic are all guys you can insert into your line-up depending on your squad type. That Kluivert card is also sneaky good and if you have the coin you can pair him up with his Icon father. As always FUT Responsibly, have fun and don’t let the Weekend League bring you down.