Last night I foolishly logged on to FIFA 18 to compete in the Daily Knockout Tournament for Team of the Season Ben Davies despite seeing numerous complaints on Twitter about the game play being absolute rubbish. Usually when I see such a breadth of complaints I try and steer clear for a day or two. I should’ve done that given the 4 day window for this DKT but I wanted to complete this objective ASAP and put the stress behind me. I should’ve known better.

Needless to say the game felt as broken as it ever has before. Absurd no calls on blatant penalties, tactless long shots going into the net, fluctuations in player speed from game to game, there was even a goal I conceded that never crossed the plane of the goal line. It hit the crossbar and side post but never went in but it was a goal. This game is so broken on so many levels and what do we hear from the EA team? Crickets.

A lot of people in the community are making a lot of chatter about the Team of the Season content, or lack there of to be quite honest. The content has been weak at best, aside from the TOTS League drops, a DKT with a reward and an incredibly easy SBC for a guaranteed TOTS card there isn’t much to do. Everyone is fatigued with weekend league or probably have advanced to Division 1 of Online Seasons by now so what is there to grind for or accomplish? Nothing.

What I do appreciate is EA making these TOTS cards accessible to all, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on FIFA points to buy packs and you don’t need a stacked inventory to complete these SBCs. If that’s your game then go ahead but they’re catering to a casual gamer and allowing them to pack some blues for minimal cost. That’s great but what’s not great, what’s been completely forgotten recently…the game play in FIFA 18 is miserable; it erodes every year and gets worse and worse.

We all know it, we’ve all experienced it, we’ve all bitched about it since the game launched last Fall and it’s the reason you have guys like Nepenthez and others who are completely avoiding the Weekend League and calling their lives better for doing so. I can’t remember the last time I logged onto a stream and actually saw Castro or Nick playing the game. No one is physically playing the game, they are just hovering in the FUT menus looking at cards, building teams and ripping packs but real games? Nope.

I too am in that boat, I’ve spent more time recently just looking at the transfer market than anything else, I played FUT Champions for the first time this weekend and I won’t do it again. Sure I went 11-2 overall and posted a Silver 2 finish but for what? Some coins I don’t really need and some packs that won’t pay out? The reward isn’t worth the journey to get there and that journey is filled with awful games, terrible moments and I’m sick and tired of the garbage we put up with.

Last night I decided that every ridiculous play in FIFA, whether for me or against me (let’s be honest most go against me) were going to be clipped and tweeted to EA Sports FIFA and their global community lead. I wanted to raise awareness with tangible video evidence of what goes on in this game. I’m sure they know but it was my way of putting it out there. If they want to ignore it fine, if they want to use it for fuel to fix the game great, but I’m not going to sit back and get fucked over and over again. I’ve been loyal to this game for over 15 years, I want to see it be better.

In the process I got myself blocked by the slightly overly sensitive Global Lead of the community. To preface, we do have somewhat of a rocky history. We both followed each other for a while but eventually this individual unfollowed me due to either my frequent Man. United bashing or my consistent criticism about the game and his corrupt company. So either way I don’t think i was going to get a Christmas card from him and now I definitely will not be.  Why do I bring this up? Let me explain…

Until recently no one has been steering the FIFA community ship. Tweets would come from the main account and that was it. There wasn’t anyone to interact with (unless you went to the main You Tubers who aren’t employed by EA), to give feedback to or ask questions about content with. Following the World Cup mode announcement, there were dozens of questions following their vague release of information, and this guy stepped up into a more public role and knocked it out of the park. Cleared up all the confusion and set the community straight. A much needed “face” to the game, someone who can funnel us in the right direction or answer questions directly. Boom, I’m going to include this Global lead on these tweets so he can see first hand.

1️⃣ Here’s the first tweet I sent. I purposely did not spell out fucking, and I added the lord’s name as somewhat of an exclamation point to say this is the most egregious no call I’ve ever seen how is this not a foul? Anyone who knows me knows this is a very tame and benign way of saying “REALLY? COME ON”.

That was 98 Team of the Season Mohammed Salah who gets absolutely rail-roaded in the box by Virgil Van Djik when he had full control of the ball. That has to be a penalty, I don’t care who the defender or offensive player was that’s a foul ten times out of ten, except in FIFA of course. At this point I wasn’t even angry, I ended up losing the game but not because of this call the guy had a better team and he won. But I felt like this clip was a perfect example of the shenanigans that goes on during online play.

2️⃣ Now here’s the second tweet. Now I’m pissed off because I lose in the 3rd round after a comedy of ridiculous errors. The one I clipped below is my player, Icon Ruud Gullit, being speared in mid air while having inside position to head the ball out of danger. His player not only rams into Gullit like Bill Goldberg (a foul) but miraculously heads the ball right to Sergio Aguero who is surrounded by defenders and gets the shot off for a back breaking goal.

That goal alone probably wouldn’t have made me snap but if you look at the two preceding plays you’ll see why I’m so pissed off (video below). First play is a foul called on my player, Salah, who was controlled by the CPU the entire time. For no reason whatsoever Salah continues his run into the net and clips his goalkeeper in the process. The referee calls a foul negating my cross and goal from Paul Pogba. What kind of convoluted computer AI would have Salah make that run into the net? He would curl off off his run, stop his run, do 100 other things than run right into Lev Yashin. So there’s one goal for me off the board. But again, that alone probably wouldn’t have made me snap, I didn’t even see what happened until I went back and watched the video.

Then the second event happened where Sergio Aguero dances through my defense and launches a long shot that hits the crossbar, then hits the side post and down to the ground and they give him a goal. But if you watch the video and look at the screenshots the ball never crosses the goal line. It ricochets off the woodwork but never goes over the line. So now adding all those things together and losing in the 3rd round, now I’m pissed.

3️⃣ So now I’m worked up, FIFA rage has taken over like Hulk pushing aside Bruce Banner. I decide to play one more game and of course on the first possession of that game I get FIFA’d yet again. I made a series of beautiful passes, my players are making gorgeous off the ball runs, I hit 98 TOTS Salah in mid stride from a Ronaldo thru ball right into the box and I get tackled from behind, no call. This would be a penalty in every single league in the world. You can see the opposing player switch to manual defense and tackle from behind. It’s clumsy and lazy defending on his part but the game doesn’t call a foul. There’s no way he could’ve gotten ball from that angle and with that skill. That’s a foul, that should’ve been a PK. So I sent my third and final tweet.

After the third tweet is when the global community lead replied, he sent “I don’t get how spamming me with hate language helps your case, but cheers. I don’t need the constant swearing to get your message.” Hate language? Swearing? Word? Those are some ridiculous ass statements made right there. Sure you could say it’s borderline aggressive language but nothing offensive, not hateful, nothing malicious. If you can’t take those types of tweets then you aren’t fit to be a community lead. Sorry I’m not here to tell you how great you are and praise your every move. Sorry not going to happen. Not sure if he deleted that tweet or not but following that he blocked me. That’s 100% fine because there’s nothing that comes out of his mouth that I need to hear. I’ve seen everything I need to know.

What I’ve known for a while still holds true, this game is broken and everyone associated with the game are worthless to me. I’ve spent too much time and money over the course of the last six years on FIFA. Maybe it’s time I walk away from this game and devote my time to something else. If the game isn’t going to improve (it’s the same base game year in and year out), if EA aren’t going to listen to the complaints and feedback of the people who have remained loyal to this title then fuck them (they love to cater to the 1% streamer and leave the rest of us standing in the cold). Fuck every single one of these guys. I don’t need them and I’m sure they don’t need me. So let’s leave it that way, I won’t spend another dime on this game until this situation is rectified to my liking or I receive some sort of “my bad” from this baby douche. Until then, I’ll buy the game, I’ll play offline, I’ll do some Road to Glory nonsense but this game will never see another penny of digital revenue from me.

This will not silence me, if anything this will make my voice louder than it ever has. What you need to realize about me, I’m 100x more likely to be committed to something based on spite and anger than happiness. My conviction to be petty far outweighs anything else. So all this guy has done has reinvigorated me to be louder, more vocal and more confrontational than ever before.