With FIFA 19 roughly 45 days away (who’s counting?), I thought I’d take a tour through my FIFA 18 club inventory and showcase just how much time, effort and yes money I put into Ultimate Team this year. I’ve never finished FIFA with a club like this, partly because I usually liquidate everything at the end of the game and create one mega team, but not this year. I’ve gone and done the complete opposite, I’ve collected and built mega teams for every league and hybrid combinations.

In FIFA 18, I played over 1,000 games a milestone I haven’t accomplished since the Xbox 360 days of FIFA 13. I’ve been so disenfranchised with the gameplay over the past two seasons I struggled to find motivation to play online. The stress from Weekend League was too much when I pressed to play all 40 games, the result was many broken controllers. I reset my mindset and decided to go at my own pace, I’m never going to be a Top 100 in the world, but I’m pretty damn good so I wanted to go out and improve each and every week. That’s what I did and the rewards have been great, the pack luck was definitely on my side this year and I the investments I did make (except for a few…cough cough OTW Aubameyang) paid off.

This effort won’t be repeatable in FIFA 19 which is why I want to document just how successful FIFA 18 was from a card collecting standpoint. I’m going to find a new angle in FIFA 19 (or I might retire from FUT, more to come on that later) because the game is too cut throat with WL rewards, new cards promotions, and as guys try to become the “premier” investor the market becomes messed up. It’s hard to build teams without investing in packs. Either way, enjoy the tour below of my FIFA 18 squads.

Team of the Season

ICON God Squad

Premier League

La Liga Santander

Serie A

Ligue 1


Major LOL Soccer

Brazil Squad

French Squad

Argentina Squad

Toast & Waffles

Beans on Toast


Free Agents