Dear New York Yankees and Brian Cashman,

Just checking in to see if you guys are still alive? It’s been 3 months since the World Series and I haven’t heard a peep on the free agency or trade fronts. It’s unusual for us to be so quiet, especially when you consider that our roster is pretty pathetic and we have more money than most African nations that don’t export diamonds. Our current projected line-up is incredibly discouraging and I can honestly say that I’m nervous for the first time in a decade.

Screen Shot

C – Austin Romine/Chris Stewart/Francisco Cervelli (combined MLB careers 212/860 for .247 avg, 9 HR)

1b – Mark Teixeira (he reminds me of Dwight Howard and I’m growing tired of his stupid .263 batting avg with NY)

2b – Robinson Cano (hey finally a bright spot that is if and when he hustles and is not pouting)

ss – Derek Jeter (coming off broken left ankle, 38 years old)

3b – Kevin Youkilis (hasn’t had a good since 2010, last 2 miserable including being traded from Red Sox to White Sox)

lf – Brett Gardner (only played 16 games last season due to injury; career .266 hitter)

cf – Curtis Granderson (the good news he hit 43 HR and drove in 106 RBI, the bad news he struck out 195 times and hit .233)

rf – Ichiro Suzuki (39 years old and hasn’t hit .300 since 2010. He did hit .322 with portion of season with Yankees. I like him but can’t trust him at this age. I feel like Yankees are keeping him around so he can get his 3,000th hit in a Yankee uniform)

dh – Alex Rodriguez Eduardo Nunez (A-Rod will be out until mid-season at best case scenario, there literally are no other hitters on this team. How can a utility player who is a career .272 hitter with 7 HR be our DH?)

As you can see your “vision” is not very clear to me. I don’t really see how this line-up is supposed to beat the teams in an already uber-competitive American League East. The Orioles have essentially the same team coming back, the Red Sox will be much improved as will the Toronto Blue Jays, and I’ll never count out the Rays given the way they always seem to beat the Yankees.

I’d just like to know what are you waiting for? Is the signing of Matt Diaz to a minor league contract supposed to let me exhale and think wow now we’ve countered the acquisitions of Victorino, Drew and possibly Napoli for the Red Sox? Diaz has only had 350 at-bats in a season twice and that was 2007 and 2009. Baseball-Reference compares him to Rocco Baldelli, Alex Ochoa and Mark Carreon. (And please Carreon is way better than Diaz ever was or will be.)

Don’t get me started on the pitching rotation because that’s been neglected for the better half of the 2000’s. I love CC Sabathia but after that I don’t really have a lot of faith. Re-Signing Huroki Kuroda for big money is like putting your money on Green 0 for a spin of the wheel. Andy Pettitte is now 40 years old, Ivan Nova is a career 4.38 ERA pitcher (2011 was a fluke with a 3.70) and Phil Hughes is the same guy with quasi good stuff but doesn’t show results. If Hughes ever had movement on his fastball he might be decent but the fact that his batting practice heater gets knocked around so much I’m really surprised we still have him on the roster.

It’s almost the new year and I feel like we’ve missed the bus. It will be the first time in many years that during my MLB Predictions post you will not be in first place. At this rate I’m seriously considering dropping you to 3rd of 4th in the AL East. I’m sure you will make Joe Girardi the scapegoat if this goes bad but realize now that you’re the ones to blame. You assembled the team, you didn’t become active in the off-season. Don’t expect Girardi to make a 5 star entree when you aren’t giving him any ingredients to cook with.