Welcome to 23’s Thoughts Image Library, a collection of game capture images from all of our favorite sports gaming titles. From FIFA to MLB The Show, from Madden to NCAA Football and from NBA 2K to NBA Live, it’s all here. Currently there are over 20,000 collective images categorized by title and sub-divided into each yearly generation. There are images that date back to 2006 which you can find in the archives section of each category.

While I’m not the most famous or well known person in gaming, I can assure you there is no one else around that has the extensive game capture library that I do. Each screenshot is a work of art, it took time, patience and calibration. My style has evolved as the aesthetics and visual improvements of each game has evolved. Playing games is my passion but capturing moments and re-enacting real life events via video games is my obsession.

Go to the menu and find “Image Library”. From there navigate through the menu drop down, select your desired library and enjoy the content.