The C.U.T. is a page dedicated to influencing others to join my new movement which I’m calling ‘Clean Ultimate Team’ or C.U.T. for short. It’s a movement towards ending Ultimate Team Juicing and freeing those addicted to throwing away hard earned money on Ultimate Team and Diamond Dynasty packs. Spending money on Ultimate Team is a fruitless venture, it’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of money and there’s no return on your investment. We, the community, need to stop filling EA Sports and Sony San Diego’s wallets with digital profits and receiving nothing in return. We need to reverse the trend of growing Ultimate Team revenues with the launch of the 2017 games.

As a new avenue for my movement, I’m going to come out with articles (possibly videos) that will show you how to maximize your experience in Ultimate Team without spending a dime. I’ll be diving deep into the markets/auctions/etc. to analyze card values, price fluctuations as well as assess risk to cards based upon In-Forms or upgrades. I’m also going to give out my thoughts around which players are the best value, who are the hidden gems and what cards will give you the biggest bang for your buck. I also have some ideas around testing and quantifying “pack success” and measuring what does the return on that expense actually look like. I want to show everyone want a realistic “return” looks like when you “invest” in packs. These community managers are skewing the reality by retweeting everyone’s amazing pack pulls. Guys, this is the exception not the rule, don’t be fooled!, it’s their way of getting you addicted to their drug.

Hopefully you’ll join my movement. It’s #CleanUltimateTeam.

Your time, your sanity and more importantly your wallet will thank me. We need to stop Ultimate Team Juicing!

                                                                                                             Best Regards,